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We take care of your small transport safely and reliably.

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cargo transportation.


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We are your competent partner who has specialized in the field of small transport. Our goal is to get your freight to its destination quickly, safely and reliably. We offer our services across Europe and are available 24 hours a day, every day. We attach great importance to punctuality and reliability to ensure that your cargo gets to you on time and undamaged.

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Throughout Europe traveling

Our services for express shipping

Express courier nationwide

The tasks of an express courier are fast and direct delivery of shipments, without waiting times.

Direct trips throughout Europe

A direct journey is a courier service in which the shipment is delivered directly to the recipient without a stopover. We almost any type of cargo, whether it's spare parts, medicines, prototypes, letters, documents or medical devices.

Special trips express delivery

Express shipping is the fast delivery of items by post, express mail or express transport. It's about getting the goods to the recipient quickly.

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Forwarding & logistics express service

An express service freight forwarding refers to a logistics and transport service that takes on both simple transports and complete removals and the transport of heavy or delicate goods such as bulky goods.

Scheduled transport express delivery 24/7

Christian Transport responsible for delivering urgent shipments. It offers its customers a wide range of services such as parcel shipping, letter shipping, document shipping, pallet shipping, bulky goods and dangerous goods shipping.

Express shipments throughout Germany

Moves large and bulky shipments very quickly. It doesn't necessarily have to be a direct delivery, it's about the fact that larger goods to be transported have to be delivered quickly.

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Personal care

As an international forwarding company, we attach great importance to personal support for our customers.

Transparent prices

We offer our customers clear and understandable price offers that include all costs and have no hidden fees.

24/7 availability

We also offer 24/7 customer service so our customers can reach us at any time. Our employees are always available and happy to help with any concerns.


We understand that the satisfaction of our customers depends on the quality of our services.

Flexible Lösungen

Our employees are regularly trained so that they are aware of the latest developments and requirements in our industry.

Individuelle Lösungen

We also keep our customers updated on the progress of their shipments and inform them of any delays or problems.

Our quality management system

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that we are constantly improving our services and meeting the high demands of our customers.

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